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Improved Diagnostics in The Developing World

By Aric Weinberg | 04 Jun, 2014

Hi all!

I am a community outreach consultant working in Israel to promote the development of new medicines and medical devices that improve and protect health around the world.

Currently I am running a crowd funding effort on behalf of my client, MobileOCT. Our device—the Mobile Colposcope—gives health workers a life-saving 2.5-to-10x better view than they have using just the naked eye, raising diagnostic accuracy from 17% to 70%. The handle provides stability and a battery-powered bright light illuminates structural and compositional changes in the tissue. Our device enables health workers to provide the same high level of care in low-resource areas as they would at advanced medical centers. Our solution will help health care organizations screen more patients, while reducing over-treatment due to false positive diagnoses and its costs.

If you are interested in learning more, discussing more or even finding ways to help promote the device feel free and connect with me at or through twitter @AricDW

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Ignacio De Gabriel Hernández Replied at 11:57 AM, 4 Jun 2014

hola mi nombre es Ignacio De Gabriel Hernández y laboro en un consultorio rural de Huatusco,Ver..estoy interesado en participar y quisiera saber sí en México puedo tener ésta aplicación..y gracias

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