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Interview with president Kagame - Health Affairs

By Brian Robson | 26 Jan, 2009

As a follow on to the Fall posting of the Bellagio Rockefeller eHealth event, Health Affairs carried this article by President Kagame in which he outlines: his confidence in eHealth as an 'enabler'; the infrastructure investment across Rwanda; PPP with Korea Telecom ; and applications such as TRACNet being used beyon HIV/AIDS. http://content.healthaffairs.org/cgi/content/short/27/6/1665



Alvin Marcelo, MD Replied at 12:19 AM, 27 Jan 2009

Hi all,

I'm interested if there are 'networks' of centers for eHealth and
Telemedicine in your region.

In Southeast Asia, we are trying to create this network with the intent of
sharing best practice and lessons learned. We plan to meet once a year. Last
week, we attempted to get someone from Yogyakarta give a lecture over skype
to Manila (on eHealth).

I was thinking that a regional approach would be more 'cozy' but that there
should also be an inter-region network (under ISFTeH perhaps?).

There is also the IDRC-led PANACeA which is an eHealth network in Asia
Pacific. The ASEAN network will definitely plug into the larger PANACeA...

Would appreciate your inputs..


Alvin B. Marcelo, MD (www.alvinmarcelo.com)

Director, National Telehealth Center
Director for Southeast Asia, International Open Source Network
Associate Professor of Surgery (Trauma), University of the Philippines
Manila GPG: 0x77B200CA

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