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By Enya Seguin | 11 Apr, 2019

In a previous post regarding this topic, we received lots of message from nurses, midwives and doctors in African countries. With this success, we proceeded to onboard many of them onto our mHealth solution: YAPILI. As YAPILI is rapidly growing, especially in Kenya, Botswana and Nigeria, we need more health advisers onboard to sustain our growing number of users. Therefore, I would like to call out to any health professional in/from these 3 countries to get in touch, if they are interested in joining our digital health platform and share their health advice with our African users. We have recently launched our revenue model for our advisers to remunerate them for their work.

More specifically about our contribution: you can choose how many users you would like to speak with based on your availability. YAPILI is available on your mobile device for free.

YAPILI is pioneering in cross-border health service delivery, through its app and web platform that connects local and international health professionals to African users in 8 countries. Our mission is to decentralise access to reliable and confidential health advice, by leverage the high use of mobile technologies in these emerging markets.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Enya Seguin
CEO & Co-Founder @ YAPILI



Dilip Yadav Replied at 5:43 AM, 1 May 2019

thankyou for the email.

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