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Listeners Welcome to MIT Courses

By Leo Anthony Celi | 09 Jan, 2012

1.  IAP Workshop on mHealth applications:
Listeners welcome!

2.  Spring course on health information systems in resource poor settings
Fridays 9:30 - 11:00 AM
Paul Farmer and David Bates have confirmed as guest lecturers.  Listeners welcome! 
Here's a link to last year's course: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/health-sciences-and-technology/hst-184-health-info... year, the students will have an opportunity to get involved with
ongoing eHealth projects in Liberia, India, Zimbabwe, the Philippines, Brazil and



Kali Drake Replied at 1:33 AM, 10 Jan 2012

Thank you Dr. Celi for posting. It would be a pleasure to sit in on one of your courses. For those of us outside the Boston area, will you have any webcast lectures or recordings available online? Regards from Zambia, Kali Drake

Anne Pao Replied at 1:43 AM, 10 Jan 2012

Just read about this course online. Great to hear about the
MHealth seminars as well. I know myself and many colleagues here in
Swaziland would also be interested in any recordings made available.
Thank you!
Anne Pao

LIZZY IGBINE Replied at 10:56 AM, 10 Jan 2012

Dear All. Happy new year. I join all to wellcome the new MIT, please make available the procedure of joining the program, It will really enrich the whole global members. Lizzy Igbine.

Leo Anthony Celi Replied at 11:21 AM, 10 Jan 2012

Hello, everyone,
We will be recording the sessions from both the workshop on building mHealth applications and the course on health information systems.  We will make them available on the web as soon as we can.  In the mean time, please visit last year's course either at the Sana website (http://sana.mit.edu/hst184/) or on MIT Open CourseWare (http://bit.ly/rvFoVp).

Carmen-Rosa Torres Replied at 12:07 PM, 10 Jan 2012

This is really nice!

Will they be available only as recordings or also as simultaneous webcasts?



Carmen-Rosa Torres, Ph.D.
Health Diplomacy Program Manager
Senior International Health Analyst
Office of Global Health Affairs
Tel: (202) 260-1842

Valerio Di Vincenzo Replied at 12:31 PM, 10 Jan 2012

Hello everybody. I'm delighted to resume contacts with you, Leo, after our conversation last summer.
I’m very interested in joining the IAP Workshop on mHealth applications, being currently committed in developing a collaboration between a Hospital in my Country and some health care premises in Angola for whose personnel I should give my contribution to customize the applications provided by OpenMRS and Sana.
However, I read that the course’s program is limited to morning sessions.
I’m coming expressly from Italy and I would appreciate very much being involved in some “curricular” extra activities ( I’m a medical doctor) in order to make my stay in Cambridge the most advantageous in terms of experience and knowledge transfer regarding both OpenMRS and Sana clinical usage.
I wonder if this opportunity can be arranged in advance, maybe collecting adhesions among those of us who come from outside the Boston area.
Thank you... and Happy new year!
Valerio Di Vincenzo

Leo Anthony Celi Replied at 1:56 PM, 10 Jan 2012

Sorry, Dr. Torres.  No funding for webcast.

Carmen-Rosa Torres Replied at 2:29 PM, 10 Jan 2012


Thanks for answering my question. I look forward to using the recordings.


Carmen-Rosa Torres, Ph.D.
Health Diplomacy Program Manager
Senior International Health Analyst
Office of Global Health Affairs
Tel: (202) 260-1842

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