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Masters in Global eHealth

By Claudia Pagliari | 27 Aug, 2015

We are accepting late applications to the University of Edinburgh's Masters Programme in Global eHealth. This part time, online programme is aimed at working health practitioners, innovators, policymakers, implementation staff and analysts with an interest in understanding health informatics and eHealth in its interdisciplinary and international context. The role of eHealth in LMIC is a key theme, although the programme is international. Our expert tutors and students are already active on GHDOnline and we hope that more of you will join us for the MSc, diploma or certificate tracks (1, 2 and 3 years, part time) or sign up to our 10-week modular courses.
For further information, or to apply see: www.ehealth.ed.ac.uk OR http://www.findamasters.com/search/masters-degree.aspx?course=31135
Or contact:



Brian Armstrong Replied at 10:37 AM, 27 Aug 2015

Hi Claudia,

Can you send me a private message at brian (dot) armstrong at ehrchitect (dot) com.

I am interested but would like to discuss with you if I can.


Lawrence Kwaghga Replied at 11:36 AM, 27 Aug 2015

Dear Claudia,

I am interested but will have to clarify some issues with you personally
before I enroll online.

My private email address is and can also be reached on
mobile phone number: 07030531148.

Looking forward to speaking with you soonest before closure of admission.

Warm regards.


*Lawrence A. Kwaghga*

*Assistant Director*

*Strategic Knowledge Management Department*

*National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA)*

*The Presidency*

*Plot 823, Ralph Shodeinde Street, Central Area, Abuja, Nigeria*

*L:* *09-2919670 **|**a <
<> **|* *www.naca.gov.ng <http://www.naca.gov.ng/>**|*

*M:* *+2347030531148 **|**M:* *+2348125077849 **|*

Skype: lawrence_kwaghga


Jossy Onwude, MD Replied at 11:57 AM, 27 Aug 2015

Claudia, am interested in your offering. But can only go for it if it's
scholarship based. Is there such offering?

Syed Shah Replied at 12:17 PM, 27 Aug 2015

Hi Claudia, I am interested to apply. What is the procedure for applying?

nixon belizaire Replied at 1:29 PM, 27 Aug 2015

I think that is so necessary to make clear my asking and the reason that I am obliged to choose this field of expertise : there is more than 4 years I searched for a scholarship either in Global health or MPH ( biostatistic and epidemiology ) all the people and institutions that i asked for ,said always to me that"s so expensive the MPH program either at USA or Europe.now my country needs the physicians in legal medicine to support our law or justice system when we have crime or murder there is only 2 physicians in legal medicine for more than 10 million people in a surface of 27 500 km2 .in the life when you can not find what you desire that is so important to try to be useful yourself and your community.unfortunately I am born in a poor country that do not have enough opportunity seeing to explore more their resources but I would like to be useful of my society. I would like to implore you try how you can refer me to someone do it for all the people that I would be back to serve after the study and I think that you would be done the best gift to a poor country of Haiti .

AUSTIN GUMBO Replied at 1:51 PM, 27 Aug 2015

I am interested but if I may ask, is there any scholarship?

George Otto Replied at 5:24 PM, 27 Aug 2015

Hi Claudia, I'm interested, however, is there a scholarship to be able
to apply for in this study program? Thanks

Alvin Marcelo, MD Replied at 6:03 PM, 27 Aug 2015

Dear Claudia,

Is Edinburgh open to partnering with Asian programs for a "sandwich
methodology? If yes, pls advise how to advance this request...thank you...

Alvin (faculty, University of the Philippines Manila Masters of Science in
Health Informatics)

Alvin B. Marcelo, MD, FPCS, CGEIT, TOGAF, ArchiMate
resume <http://www.alvinmarcelo.com/resume.html>

Yudha Saputra Replied at 9:53 PM, 27 Aug 2015

Dear Claudia,

I already applied for the MSc in Global eHealth and will be informed about further progress 4-6 weeks from the day my application accepted, but my English Language Test Score (TOEFL) that I used to apply may not meet minimum requirement yet because I still haven't got enough funding for the next test fee (IELTS). Will there any dispensation to complete the other required document later?

Apologize for asking specific question through this online discussion forum.

Thank you


Yudha E. Saputra, BSc
LinkedIn: https://id.linkedin.com/pub/yudha-saputra/61/a66/663
Twitter: @yudhaism

Judy Phillips Replied at 1:00 AM, 28 Aug 2015

I am interested too!
Judy Phillips

nixon belizaire Replied at 6:08 AM, 28 Aug 2015

I am so interested I just would like to blow how to apply ?

Selasie Aformaley Brown Replied at 6:22 AM, 28 Aug 2015

Dear Claudia,
Please share your email address so that I could contact you with some
specific questions.

dian marandola Replied at 6:59 AM, 28 Aug 2015

Please tell me what is a "sandwich methodology"

Alvin Marcelo, MD Replied at 3:33 PM, 28 Aug 2015

Hi Dian,

It is when a student already is taking a masters program in his/her home
country but can then take courses in another university and then return to
his/her country to finish the program. There are many variations but
essentially it is a partnership between two universities...

Alvin B. Marcelo, MD, FPCS, CGEIT, TOGAF, ArchiMate
resume <http://www.alvinmarcelo.com/resume.html>

dian marandola Replied at 4:50 PM, 28 Aug 2015

Does up have any such programs with social work or public health in New York City? Thank you for your consideration. Dian Traisci-Marandola

chris macrae Replied at 4:57 PM, 28 Aug 2015

At www.yazmi.com we are interested in turning this sort of subject area into a free massive open online collaboration at least as far as needs ttobe shared amongst community health networkers inspired by preferential option poor

please feel free to contact me if ythis matches your interests of you have questions

actually we have quite a long list of partners (egmobile women empowerment parrtners at the united nations) who's knowledge development for and with the poor leads to different priorities bot in term of good practice and affordable methods - so we understand that our interest is a segmented one

However coming from scotland originally i would particularly like to connect with educational systems that see the advnatage of partbering with a worldwide platform - there is always plenty of tutoring and mentoring work which ultimately needs professional mediation and so eg scholarships or other pay forward ways of funding from the student side

Claudia Pagliari Replied at 5:37 PM, 28 Aug 2015

You can email me at or contact the programme team on

Claudia Pagliari Replied at 5:40 PM, 28 Aug 2015

Dear Yudha. I'm pleased that you have applied. Best if you email me separately about this technicality: or our programme team on

Claudia Pagliari Replied at 5:43 PM, 28 Aug 2015

Hi George. There are some scholarships, but not very many. Eligibility depends on where you live. Some students are funded by their health organisations, governments, companies, grants and by themselves.
Please contact the programme team for more information. . Claudia

Claudia Pagliari Replied at 5:45 PM, 28 Aug 2015

AUSTIN -Thanks for your interest. I am copying this to our programme team at global.ehealth.ed.ac.uk Regards, Claudia

Claudia Pagliari Replied at 5:47 PM, 28 Aug 2015

Hi Syed -Follow the links on the website for instructions on how to apply:
Regards, Claudia

Emmanuel Benyeogor Replied at 3:30 AM, 29 Aug 2015

Dear Lawrence,

I am so glad to meet you here.

I am currently wrapping up my MSc in Public health (epidemiology option) at
the University of Lagos. I'm looking to apply this knowledge and develop
more skill as an epidemiologist.

I would like to meet you to guide and discuss positions I could fit into at
NACA. I have always longed to work at NACA.

I am currently a serving Regional Faculty member at Global health trials
and a member of Y PHD.

I have IT skills with inclination to data and server administration.

I have a pilot project www.equipnigeria.com that takes USAID health courses
to hard to reach areas in Nigeria (Sokoto, Lagos, Delta have benefited so

Lawrence Wasserman PhD Replied at 7:03 PM, 7 Sep 2015


Dr Mark MD MPH MBA is in Nigeria and will forward this email that you responded. Dr Mark Nigerian is working on Patient Engagement application and is knowledgeable about issues you raised.

I am working in Congo project being initiated in telemedicine by MD Emile to 2 hospitals. as well as in Asia telehealth and mHealth. Look forward to more information.

Regards Lawrence

Stephen Muleshe Replied at 1:35 AM, 8 Sep 2015

Dear Claudia
Thank you very much for this info. I am interested and would like to
discuss further. My email is


Dr. Stephen K. Muleshe
Manager, HIV/AIDS, TB & I'D
ECSA Health Community
Arusha, Tanzania
Tel: +25527254362/5/6
Mobile: +255753636117
Skype: stephen.muleshe

Hilda Birungi Replied at 4:23 AM, 18 Sep 2015

Hi Claudia,

Are you still accepting late applications? I tried to contact the school itself but there is no response. Please let me know so I can plan otherwise.


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