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Netherlands Exchange Newsletter July issue - Mhealth Initiatives across developing world

By Anne Pao | 17 Jul, 2012

Hello All,
Wanted to share the link to the July issue of the Netherlands Exchange Newsletter for HIV/AIDS for its relevance to Health IT. The focus of the newsletter is Mhealth across the developing world and includes various projects ongoing from:
1) Hype or hope? : using mobile technology to advance sexual and reproductive health
2) Promoting youth reproductive health through text messaging
3) Improving access and use of HIV and reproductive health information in Malawi
4) Swaziland : improving client follow-up with automated text messaging
5) Low technology, high expectations : mobiles for maternal health in Sierra Leone
6) How Peru and Latin America are using mHealth

Here is the link to the newsletter: http://www.kit.nl/kit/Other-Exchange-magazine?item=3253&language=1

I am one of the co-authors on the article from Swaziland the launch of an automated SMS appointment reminder system in the health sector so if you have any questions on that, feel free to reach out.
Thank you!
Anne Pao
Clinton Health Access Initiative - Swaziland in-country team


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