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New paper on how digital health can support achievement of SDG 3 targets

By Margaret Lamiell Aliber | 10 May, 2018

Hello Health IT community,

Here is a new paper published in SAGE’s Digital Health that may be of interest - “Digital Health Technologies to Support Access to Medicines and Pharmaceutical Services in the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals”

The paper summarizes intersectional approaches to institutionalize more than 35 tailor-made digital health technologies that promote access to medicines and commodities.

It includes five selected case studies and process to address bottlenecks:
- a dashboard module to help reduce contraceptives stock-outs in Bangladesh;
- an electronic dispensing tool for antiretroviral therapy in Namibia;
- a digital medicines registration system in Mozambique;
- a data warehousing technology in Uganda; and
- a medicines management logistics system in Mali.

Given that digital health technologies are a means to an end, the paper then describes how this work will set the stage for advocacy, policy and future research to track progress towards SDG 3 targets as part of the UN’s Voluntary National Reviews.

The work reflects multi-year initiatives funded by USAID pharmaceutical systems strengthening programs and implemented by Management Sciences for Health .


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