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Platform-Bangladesh- A non-profit medical organization needs attention to work on health IT

By Vivek podder | 08 May, 2016


I am vivek from Bangladesh and an admin, research officer & web team activist from Platform- A medical organization in Bangladesh with a network of more than 31000 members. We are working on a common platform with medical/dental students & doctors. I am representing platform here and would be very interested if we, can involve in any of the projects of health IT in order to spread across Bangladesh and i want that everyone get so much familiar with health IT and it's importance.

Let me describe a bit about Our Platform-Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh, medical/dental students & doctors are so much enthusiastic and determined to do so many things in order to improve the health care system of the country and so the global health care. But the problem was, there were no common platform where they unite together and advocate themselves and improve the health system working together, creating different skills. And Research was also one of the part which was least popular in undergraduate curriculum mainly. So, in September 2011, we had started our journey of "Platform" as a non-profit, non-political medical organization in Bangladesh. Our mission was to create a common platform where our medical community unite together and to take the health system to such level where quality of life & standard of living will be enhanced, standardized and affordable by building skills, empowering with knowledge, creating awareness, making leaders, improving clinical reasoning power, networking among doctors, educating about the health sciences.
We also have medical offline & online newspaper where medical news, lifestyle, career advice, different opportunities etc are published and new offline newspaper comes every 4 month.

In order to make it happen, we had divided platform activities into different wings and execute our different activities thought his, namely:
2)Publication & Newspaper
3)Web & Technical
5)Media & Communication
6)Idea & Planning
7)Events Management
8)Office & Document
10)Medical Support
12)Dental Wing
13)Social Responsibilities
14)Extracurricular Activity
15)Online Activist & Promotion

We have recently conducted so many activities from february'16 through April'16 across the country in different medical college campuses as well through different central seminars and campaigns. Those are as follows-
(i) Book fair stall
(ii) World Cancer Day awareness quiz
(iii) Non-communicable disease dialogue.
(iv) News paper publication- 6th issue
(v) Monthly meeting.
(vi) Blood grouping camp
(vi) Bashundhora city Health fair.
(vii) Research clinical work
(viii) World heath day clinical work.
(ix) Health Day panel discussion.
(x) Virtual reality in operating room from UK live forecast among medical/dental students & doctors.

We are regularly opening different events and training in order to build the skills and to build awareness.



David Cawthorpe Replied at 7:03 PM, 8 May 2016

Introducing a low cost nosystem-system .....

What if you could change medical practice with an ipad app?

Now you can for $3US per unit with our revoluntionary Format - e-record, treatment and patient outcome, (as well as an OSCE) for any disease!!!

You can also measure the effects of Comorbidity and Life Events --


A/Prof. Terry HANNAN Moderator Replied at 9:05 PM, 8 May 2016

David, are you aware of this report? Terry

Attached resource:

David Cawthorpe Replied at 11:28 PM, 8 May 2016

Having three electronic records under my belt in the last 15 years, one of which is running very smoothly and two of which have been archived due to redundancy, I am familiar with the processes involved in developing sustainable legacy systems.

Electronic records I build each at the outset less than $30,000. The remaining system links approximately 100 active clinics in our region. The thing that I am most familiar with about the construction of legacy systems, other than my own is that quite often as is the case at our provincial level,The public but his ground down by the private sector. For example achieving an integrated legacy system that is comprehensive has not yet been attainable, even know hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on the project. Hence, I invented TRACT.

Warmest regards,

A/Prof. Terry HANNAN Moderator Replied at 11:31 PM, 8 May 2016

David, that is an impressive record. The sent document was merely as a resource that you may or may have not seen. Terry

David Cawthorpe Replied at 11:47 PM, 8 May 2016

In my mind the clearest path is the one in which the governing body has complete control over the legacy system and is not at the mercy of the private sector consultant

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