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Public Health Campaign - storing files

By Philip Craig | 18 Jan, 2018

Dear Colleagues,
I am on a voluntary assignment in Laos PDR working in the Ministry of Health here in the Public Health Campaign area. One of my tasks is to develop the accessibility (and stability) of the Lao public health information data set. Currently we have over 800 items, facts sheets, videos, sound files, images, various doc formats on a standalone PC (ready to topple). They run a Cumulus cataloguing system over the top of it (originally open software now a lic fee of $16,000 USD plus annual) the catalogue system is corrupted and a quarter of the items not accessible through Cumulus. I am looking to move it to another system. Any suggestions? I have in mind archive.org or WHO Iris, or Koha. Cloud solutions I believe would be preferable and open source.

kind regards
Phil Craig
Laos PDR



Ilya Plotkin Replied at 6:58 PM, 18 Jan 2018

In a way, it likely depends on whether the items are open access to the public or some need to be only privately accessible. It also depends on how much control they wish to hold over the content over time. Another option perhaps is AWS?

The learning network project I work on is exploring using AWS for learning content storage, though other files ("resources") we keep on a shared Learning Management System (LMS).

Philip Craig Replied at 12:34 AM, 24 Jan 2018

Thank you for that suggestion. One aspect is to be mindful of the country's desire to store any cloud solution in country. Another is cost. This narrows the options. AWS certainly meets the cost criteria.
You are right there are multiple levels of access to specific audiences.
Any other suggestions most welcome.
Regards Phil

Philip Craig Replied at 7:51 AM, 9 Feb 2018

Please explain your reply. It appears to be spam for essaycorp.
Thank you

Brendan Lilly Replied at 8:44 PM, 9 Feb 2018

How secure or accessible do you need the files to be? What is the expected use/interaction? How large are the files? Do you need to provide api connections?

I don't know of any major provider that has a data center in Laos. I think there was a public-private partnership to build some better infrastructure in-country at some pt. but no clue how that turned out. AWS EC2/S3 would be one solution, Azure or Digital Ocean of course too... but something as basic as a shared web host might work depending on your needs.

shoot me an email if you'd like to talk. brendan [at] viaglobalhealth.com good luck!

Joaquin Blaya, PhD Moderator Replied at 10:53 AM, 12 Feb 2018

Hi Philip,
We removed the response about essaycorp because we felt it was spam.

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