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request for projects - WHO eHealth projects database

By Jo Wood | 19 Nov, 2014

Hi there

I am new to this community and have enjoyed reading through some of the discussions. I am currently working with the WHO & ITU on a project to find and showcase 120 eHealth projects.

The Global Observatory for eHealth Department at WHO, in collaboration with the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), are developing a eHealth project database featuring a variety of eHealth projects from around the world.

We aim to launch the database early next year with an initial 120 eHealth projects, and then encourage countries and organisations to submit their own projects to the database. The projects will be featured on the WHO and ITU websites.

Please get in touch with me to share details of projects that you know of or have worked on so that they can be featured in the initial 120. The projects could be related to digital health, mHealth, telehealth, eLearning etc (anything that falls under the very broad WHO definition of eHealth). They cannot be 100% commercial, and need to be a project with some sort of longevity or future, not just a pilot or study.

Please provide me with a project name, organisation name and details of who owns/manage the project, website address, implementation status and a 100 word (or less) description. I’m particularly interested in projects from lower income and developing countries.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your project to the world!

Thank you
Jo-Anna Wood



David Aylward Replied at 12:07 AM, 20 Nov 2014


This sounds like a very useful project you are doing. I will search the
Ashoka Fellows and others for contributions.

Rather than refusing to accept commercial initiatives/uses, let me suggest
that you only accept those that address base of the pyramid populations.
If someone has a profit making mHealth solution addressing the BoP, we
should rejoice.

Best wishes,


​Senior Advisor, Global Health and Technology
Ashoka Innovators for the Public​

Emmanuel Benyeogor Replied at 4:52 AM, 20 Nov 2014

Jo Anna

Indeed its great to hear about your work. I have been on pilot project addressing elearning in Nigeria for over a year now. Incollaboration with Global Health Trials by Wednesday 26th November would have had 2 workshops echoing the ethos of clinical trials in LMIC Nigeria and central west Africa region.

Project name - eQuip Nigeria
Organisation name - Equip Nigerian Initiative
Manager - Emmanuel Benyeogor
Website - WWW.equipnigeria.com

Facilitates global health courses and provides all that is necessary for training. On completion of course successful participants receive certificate endorsed by USAID and John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. We create a platform for professionals to volunteer in providing the best obtainable health care service per time.

LIZZY N IGBINE Replied at 2:42 PM, 20 Nov 2014

Dear Emmanuel Benyeogor.
I am delighted to hear of your work. I am a Nigerian also and live in the Federal Capital. Can you connect me directly so that I can have your email and phone numbers to discuss your project and possible partnership with my organization.
Lizzy Igbine. mrs
National President.
Nigerian women agro allied farmers association.

SIMPA DANIA Replied at 12:50 AM, 21 Nov 2014

@David Aylward
Just wondering if we are a good candidate for the ashoka fellows.
It is an innovate health information system platform for connected healthcare in Nigeria
e-brochure: www.sabaothtechnologies.com/brochure
online demo: www.sabaothtechnologies.com/onlinedemo
video: www.sabaothtechnologies.com/videos
cost: www.sabaothtechnologies.com/cost

Emmanuel Benyeogor Replied at 1:32 AM, 21 Nov 2014

@Lizzy N Igbine
My email is

Stephen Muleshe Replied at 10:58 AM, 21 Nov 2014

This sounds very interesting and ECSA Health Community will definitely
share something on Focused antenatal care


*Dr. Stephen K. Muleshe MD, MPH, MSc. PGD (STI/HIV/AIDS) Program Manager,
HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria & Other Infectious Diseases East, Central & Southern
Africa Health Community (ECSA HC) P.O. Box 1009 Arusha, Tanzania Tel:+255
27 254 9362/5/6 Mobile: +255-689-433436/+255-753-636117/+254-722
*Fax:+255 27 254 9392*

*Email: <

Jilde Garst Replied at 4:15 AM, 28 Jan 2015

Thank you for sharing this opportunity, Jo-Anna!
Within the International Diabetes Federation we are working on several eHealth-related projects. I will send you an email regarding one particular project, named D-NET, which focuses on education for health professionals in diabetes worldwide.

RAJA MOHAMED M Replied at 4:43 AM, 28 Jan 2015

Dear all, we,MEERA Foundation doing a project for TB control in India. Urgently we require financial and technical support for implementing eHealth project by sending reminder to patients. Please refer some funding source.

Raja Mohamed

RAJA MOHAMED M Replied at 4:45 AM, 28 Jan 2015

Please send project model and design for eHealth

Raja Mohamed

Pantaleon Shoki Replied at 5:08 AM, 28 Jan 2015

Excellent, I hope to learn from this technology

Manu Gupta Replied at 7:05 AM, 28 Jan 2015

Thats great Jo-Anna Wood,

Presently I am working on an e learning project in low and middle income countries.Could you please give me the details for the project like website etc.

Thanks ,

Joaquin Blaya, PhD Moderator Replied at 7:28 AM, 28 Jan 2015

It'd be great to know more about the projects you mentioned especially
DNET. We've created a system for follow-up and management of diabetes and
hypertensive patients using automated phone calls and SMS in Chile and it'd
be great to learn about other technologies and projects.

Warm regards,

Gerente General, eHS
Research Fellow, Escuela de Medicina de Harvard
Moderador, GHDonline.org
El ene 28, 2015 6:18 AM, "Jilde Garst via GHDonline" <>

Jasper Holthuis Replied at 9:25 AM, 28 Jan 2015

We have produced - together with the Maastricht University - a web-based program on basic physical examination procedures: the demo version can be found at:
For further questions/queries you can also reach me at:
Kind regards,
Jasper Holthuis

Jilde Garst Replied at 7:10 AM, 29 Jan 2015

Dear Joaquin,
Thank you for your interest!
I have sent you a message through your website.
Let me know if you didn't receive it.
Kind regards,

olugbemi motilewa Replied at 10:23 AM, 29 Jan 2015

Please Jiide am Interested in that ehealth databaseRegards

Soori Kani Replied at 11:51 PM, 29 Jan 2015

This is a great project Jo-Anna. Thank you for posting it on GHD.

I am interested in integrated care models and projects addressing physical and mental health issues of children and youth, especially in undeserved communities.

Please let me know if you come across one.

Sakiko Ota Replied at 6:38 AM, 30 Jan 2015

Dear Jo-Anna,

Thank you for developing the eHealth project database. I am really interested in the database. I'm a project researcher at the University of Tokyo and working on a project of integrated care with a cloud-based healthcare system. I would like to tell you about our project.

Project name: Kashiwa project
Organisation name: Kashiwa City and the University of Tokyo
Website address: http://www.iog.u-tokyo.ac.jp/?page_id=278&lang=en (Sorry, the report was written by Japanese)
Implementation status: The system has recently started the full-scall operation.
A 100 word (or less) description: We developed a cloud-cased healthcare system, which aimed at facilitating an inter-professional collaboration on integrated care. The system allows official caregivers to better connect and communicate with nurses and physicians in the region.

For further questions, please contact me at: 3flowergalaxy()gmail.com

Best regards,

Selasie Aformaley Brown Replied at 7:32 AM, 30 Jan 2015

Hi Sakiko,
This sounds great.I would like to see how the implementation goes.

Selasie Brown
(eHealth Specialist)


You are the salt of the world...,a city set on a hill can not be hidden...

Timothy Simard Replied at 10:17 AM, 30 Jan 2015

I would to learn more about your program as well. My email is <mailto:> and we are located in Boston MAssachusetts US. University Mass Boston.
We have developed a system called POET that is a inthecloud Patient Care and Medication Management enterprise platform. POET can be configured and is adaptable for continuous improvement. It manages a suite of consultations between the clinician and patient according to user defined therapies, assessments and protocols - for particular populations, medications or disease states like diabetes. Consultations are virtual or in-person fully documented.
Consultations can be for adherence, MTM, therapies, diseases and transitions of care.
We're interested in how POET can be utilized globally and if we can collaborate with anyone - either IT groups or clinicians.
Our vision is to enable pharmacists and other clincians to deliver patient care (medication, disease and mental health) anytime and anywhere across the care continuum. Connecting care providers globally for more empowerment, better access and unlocking idle IQ of healthcare workers.

Timothy Simard
(M) 781-249-0056
Anthurium Solutions, Inc.
Innovation Development Lab
Venture Development Center
UMass Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd.<x-apple-data-detectors://1/0>
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