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Researching the best on-screen medical body simulation software

By Olia Binkovska-Abraham | 15 Jun, 2015

We, the Simedica team, are proud to introduce you to our breakthrough technology, which redefines computer medical simulation and makes it possible to simulate any process or activity within the human body.

Simedica’s Digital Body is built on the same principles as a human one – from cells and tissues to organs and systems. It allows users to simulate, study, and research a wide range of chemical and biological processes, pathologies, treatments and reactions. This product is intended to be a helpful tool for medical professionals and educators, therefore we are kindly asking for your opinion on how to improve our product and better suit your professional needs.

Please watch our presentation video at http://simedica.com/video/, review more information on our website at www.simedica.com, and then follow the link: http://goo.gl/forms/NPMogiDTJp to fill our survey. It will take only 10 to 15 minutes of your time. This survey is for medical students or professionals only. Participants will get privileges on next issues of our software.



Olia Binkovska-Abraham Replied at 9:36 AM, 7 Jul 2015

Dear community members,
I still need your assistance a lot, and first reason is our willingness to add necessary features and functionality to the next version of our simulation software.
Please, help me with that!

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