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Responsive Patient Design (RPD)

By Miguel Angarita | 16 Nov, 2012

This is a space to discuss and analyze a parallel world of the new trend for Web design and UID called Responsive User Design, to be translated into Healthcare chasm...

New way of a difficult work between design and health ITs, under the strategy of agile Design and Slow Web movement are also discussed.

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Miguel Angarita Replied at 12:21 PM, 16 Nov 2012

Some have called, Responsive User Experience (RUX); as the future of the web. After working with more than 8 years in radiology IT, still can find a answer for why Med Apps look unattractive and lack a lot of UID...

Joaquin Blaya, PhD Moderator Replied at 1:52 PM, 16 Nov 2012

Really interesting links, thanks for posting them.

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