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Seeking collaborators for SMS-based emergency dispatching pilots - tech costs covered

By Jason Friesen | 27 Apr, 2015

Hello! I'm very happy to be able to share this with the GHDOnline-Health IT community as it has been some time in the making. Thanks to a seed grant from Google, and support from Vision Point Systems (Virginia), Trek Medics is very pleased to announce the release of Beacon v2.0.

Beacon is an SMS-based emergency medical dispatch software designed specifically for communities that can't afford (or don't need) advanced "911" technologies. You can read more about Beacon here and also watch a short animated video: http://trekmedics.org/beacon/ (subtitles available in Spanish and French)

Trek Medics is currently accepting applications from organizations and communities that would be interested in working with us to pilot the software in their community. We're seeking applications from nonprofit organizations in rural areas, including national and international NGOs, healthcare systems, community/civic organizations, and public agencies, and we're offering to cover the costs associated with the implementation and operation of our software for a pilot program in a designated area. To learn more, fill out this short form and we'll have one of our team members reach out to you and set up a call: http://trekmedics.org/beacon/application/

En español: http://trekmedics.org/beacon/application-esp/

Additional info: Beacon is currently available in English, Spanish, French and Haitian Creole, but can be easily translated into most language character sets.

Ideal applicants will have the following resources and capacity:
- Consistent mobile phone connectivity (internet desirable, but not required)
- Ability to manage, operate and monitor basic mobile and web software and technologies round-the-clock
- A committed pool of young adults who are trained (or can be trained) in basic emergency medical response (i.e., first aid)
- Available transport for responders and patients (ambulances NOT required)

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shalini mukherjee Replied at 12:55 PM, 27 Apr 2015


This is commendable work! Wish you and your team all the very best in your endeavors.

A/Prof. Terry HANNAN Moderator Replied at 8:01 PM, 27 Apr 2015

Jason, I am also impressed with these efforts. In the spirit of collaboration and ideas I wonder if you know of the SERVAL BatPhone project being developed here in Australia. I have had regular interactions with Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen who is the projects director.

Lorraine Francis Replied at 11:11 PM, 27 Apr 2015

Ok....once I see it
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Dr.Arif Maghribi Replied at 12:41 AM, 28 Apr 2015

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Stephen Muleshe Replied at 1:48 AM, 28 Apr 2015

This is very interesting indeed. East, Central & Southern Africa Health
Community based in Arusha Tanzania will be very much interested in this
initiative since we had done similar work in Kenya and Tanzania regarding
Focussed Antenatal Care



*Dr. Stephen K. Muleshe MD, MPH, PGD (STI/HIV/AIDS) Program Manager,
HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria & Other Infectious Diseases East, Central & Southern
Africa Health Community (ECSA HC) P.O. Box 1009 Arusha, Tanzania Tel:+255
27 254 9362/5/6 Mobile: +255-689-433436/+255-753-636117/+254-722
*Fax:+255 27 254 9392*

*Email: <

Madhuri Gandikota Replied at 7:04 AM, 28 Apr 2015

Great Product Jason !.
It is so refreshing to see a solution to the problem !!



Meika Bhattachan Replied at 8:01 AM, 28 Apr 2015

To a community physician, any new intervention that serves a low resource community is encouraging.
Great job Jason!!.

With regards,

Luis Azpurua Replied at 9:15 AM, 28 Apr 2015

Hi Jason,

I live in Venezuela and we fit in the features of the software's end users profile. What I'm trying to do is to reach the local health care system (county level) to explore their interest on the offer.

Jason Friesen Replied at 12:31 PM, 11 May 2015

Thank you to everybody for your kind words and encouragement. We've been getting a lot of great response from the community and are very happy to be having the discussions. It seems there's a lot of interest coming specifically from East Africa, and it's our hope to begin developing a "community of communities", if you will, or collaborating partners who are using our software and sharing feedback and recommendations to improve the performance and user experience. We have a long way to go, so will need all of the partners we can find.

To reply to some of your comments:
**Prof. Hanna** - I was not familiar with the SERVAL Batphone, but that's pretty much the same concept we're going after. For younger or inexperienced audiences who are more likely to be familiar with the Batphone, we sometimes use those very pics to describe the two-part process of our software (see attached). If there's a way to connect with Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen as mentioned, I'd be very glad to do so.

***Dr. Stephen Muleshe*** - I would be glad to speak further with you, we're currently planning a pilot along Lake Victoria and will have one of our field staff visiting later this summer. Perhaps there is a way to visit in person. I will send you an email.

***Luis Azpurua*** - Thank you for your interest. Latin America is a high priority for us, and the software has been translated into Spanish, so please feel free to send me an email when you have a chance. Here is a public service announcement our community paramedics made to continue the public outreach efforts. They plan to launch it this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRiYHhSszZI

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