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Seeking feedback on new disease tracking tool and invitation to submit ideas for a 10,000€ prize to fight dengue

By Helena Harnik | 25 Aug, 2016

Hi everyone, we have just launched Dengue Track (beta) (https://www.breakdengue.org/dengue-track/partners/), what we're hoping is a novel approach to disease mapping which could also be used to tracking other diseases such as Zika virus or Malaria. We would love it if you could try it out and tell us what you think. The tool uses a chat system to build a crowdsourced map of dengue outbreak. Users can access free toolkits to help them reduce their risk of dengue fever while providing details of outbreaks, and the tool can be embedded for free on any website.

We have also launched a community action prize called the Break Dengue Prize, which is awarding 10,000€ to implement the best initiative or idea to design and test new approaches to integrating a dengue vaccine as part of a holistic plan to combat dengue. Maybe you already have an initiative that works well for another disease or condition that could be applied to dengue. To learn more and to enter you can go to https://www.breakdengue.org/prize/.

Thank you!

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A/Prof. Terry HANNAN Moderator Replied at 5:30 PM, 25 Aug 2016

Helena, this looks wonderful. There are other tracker applications like yours and the one I use to display the power of the technology is the following prepared by IRD.
I think it is complimentary to yours. Terry
IRDResearch Data visualization using Google Earth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-3lqG3hSYM

Helena Harnik Replied at 3:00 AM, 26 Aug 2016

Thank you for sharing! We will take a look.

jayanth devasundaram Replied at 3:14 AM, 26 Aug 2016

Some folks have been getting warning messages regarding the site:

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Sumo JALLAH Replied at 3:59 PM, 26 Aug 2016

Hi All,

I am new to GHD online platform. Good tools to work with.

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