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Seeking Health Professionals to Connect with African Users

By Enya Seguin | 02 Aug, 2018

Dear all,

I am seeking for various health professionals and specialists who may be interested to connect with African patients from their mobile device to provide health advice regarding a variety of health topics via "YAPILI" (telehealth startup). We are currently developing a branch of our service targeting mental health, so if you have any ideas or thoughts to share about how digital implementation can/cannot impact mental health in Kenya - let's get in touch!

My name is Enya and I am the CEO of YAPILI: a telehealth solution that provides new opportunities to access healthcare. In the societies where public health facilities and medical expertise can be scarce, costly and hard to reach, YAPILI enables confidential contact with local and international health care professionals. Fields of expertise include; pregnancy & family planning, diabetes, hypertension, HIV, sexual health, mental health and generic primary care. YAPILI users can either be individuals or families in Africa seeking health advice, patients seeking support regarding chronic illnesses, community-health-workers seeking information and advice from a doctor, and health practitioners across Africa seeking advice from specialists anywhere in the world.

Users can access the service via the website or via the YAPILI app on their smartphone. YAPILI launched a year ago as a pilot in 9 African countries: Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Our slogan “Health@Hand” implies the usage of a hand-held device with internet access, enabling those seeking advice to obtain high quality health advice at the tip of a finger instantly.  Global as a concept, YAPILI is meant to serve populations with a low density of doctors and medical expertise. Our mHealth solution leverages the increasing use of mobile technology and connectivity across African countries, in order to empower the end users and to enhance access to healthcare. It is the only peer-to-peer health platform with integrated health records and one of the very first legal frameworks defined for cross-border health advice and data privacy.

Happy to chat further! To sign up, head over here: https://yapili.com/doctors

Best wishes,



Abdelwahab Saeid Replied at 9:19 AM, 3 Aug 2018

Is It free service for advisor ( doctors) and advises ( patients)? or paid?

seema advani Replied at 9:46 AM, 3 Aug 2018


How are you? I am a Medical Student in process of taking my Boards. Would I still be able to sign up and help patients/contribute?

Rajesh Kapse Replied at 9:47 AM, 3 Aug 2018

We can help you in the area of eye health.

Rajesh Kapse,

Sandeep Saluja Replied at 11:05 AM, 3 Aug 2018

Good endeavour but I would think it would be far better and fruitful to link doctors in that area to experts outside.

Enya Seguin Replied at 11:23 AM, 3 Aug 2018

Dear Sandeed, thanks for your comment. There are often no experts in some of our market's regions. Of course cultural boundaries must be integrated in telemedicine solutions, but we need to start somewhere I believe. Enya

Enya Seguin Replied at 11:25 AM, 3 Aug 2018

Dear Abdelwahab, our pilot is currently free of charge. The doctors we have onboarded since our launch have been doing this voluntarily and spending approx. 15-30min. a day (sometimes every other day) chatting with African users. This year we will be able to remunerate our YAPILI-Advisers, which will including doctors, nurses, midwifes and other health professionals.

Enya Seguin Replied at 11:25 AM, 3 Aug 2018

Dear Seema, for now we are only onboarded licensed professionals. But we hope to have you onboard once you finish your board! Let's stay in touch:

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