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Specializations in Healthcare IT


Hi All,
I am based in West Africa and I am interested in Certifications in eHealth, Healthcare IT, Health Informatics, Healthcare Security,... In fact in everything relating to Healthcare Technology.
I am currently working in an Worldwide IT Security Company as Channel Sales Manager.
After more than 10 years experience as Sales in ICT Sector, I would like to move now to Healthcare Technology sector as I have a passion for this specificsector
My main objective is to contribute in the development of Healthcare Services in our Sub-region as we are very late in providing secured and efficient Health Services to patients and Health staff.
Coul anybody assist me with useful informations so that I can move forward?
Thanks in advance.

Charlemagne IRITIE



Claudia Pagliari Replied at 8:33 AM, 18 Sep 2015

Hi Charlemagne,
The University of Edinburgh offers a modular programme of remote online study in Global eHealth, which covers many of the areas you are interested in and already involves members of the GHDOnline network as tutors and students. We are now in the induction week, but will be accepting late applications until Monday. For more information see our website or email me on
If you are interested in academic curricula more generally, then you should take a look at the Global Health Workforce Council's recent report. http://www.ahima.org/~/media/AHIMA/Files/AHIMA-and-Our-Work/AHIMA-GlobalCurri...

A/Prof. Terry HANNAN Moderator Replied at 9:07 AM, 18 Sep 2015

Claudia, is this linked with Hamishn Fraser's activities of which I became aware of this week when contacting him about Mhoira Leng who I met in Santiago this week. She is working in Pallaitive Care at Makerere University.

CHARLEMAGNE IRITIE Replied at 9:21 AM, 18 Sep 2015

Hi Claudia,
Thank you for your quick reply with these useful information.
I sent you an email in order to get further details so that I can apply in time.

Charlemagne I.

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