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Where can I study Public Health Informatics?

By Pablo Olmos de Aguilera C. | 25 Mar, 2013

Hi! I finished med school in Chile and PHI are basically the only thing that joins two of my favourites topics (Public Health and IT). I would like to look a bit more about this "specialty", and of course, where you can get a masters or phd (sorry the ignorance, I just don't know how is that the way they are called). I don't think in taking it right now,
because I have to work at least for a year, but I would like to know what they are about.

A quick search on google didn't point me to nothing useful (I was expecting universities programs), so maybe it's too new or I'm not looking in the right place.

Of course, if someone else know a bit more, or can give some insights about it I'll be very thankful :)

Warm Regards,



Leila R Kalankesh Replied at 3:41 PM, 25 Mar 2013


You may contact with Professor Ian Buchan at university of Manchester. His specialty is in PublIc health informatics. You can find his contact information at the following link:
Hope this helps.

Best regards

BEATRICE MURAGURI Replied at 3:43 PM, 25 Mar 2013

CDC offers a 2 year fellowship in Public Health Informatics in Atlanta.You can try your luck although competition is normally high..You can get information from their site.

Leila R Kalankesh Replied at 3:59 PM, 25 Mar 2013

It seems that deadline for the application is due.

Rodrigo Cargua Rivadeneira Replied at 4:01 PM, 25 Mar 2013

cuales son lo requerimientos para participar de la beca ???
gracias muy buenos temas

Pablo Olmos de Aguilera C. Replied at 4:35 PM, 25 Mar 2013

Thanks for your answers :).

I'm not worried about doing it this year, so I'm going to check the
fellowship and requirements for the next year.

Any other suggestion/comment/insight?

Rebecca Kanter Replied at 11:16 PM, 25 Mar 2013

Fall 2013 Public Health Informatics Certificate Program
Now accepting applications! Due April 1, 2013.

All courses are available online
Targeted for public health professionals
Five $4,000 tuition subsidies available
The goal of the program is to offer training in methods and concepts of health informatics and health information technology for application to public health. It is designed for current and future public health professionals who wish to develop expertise or specialization in this area.

Courses for this program are available completely online. Individuals residing in the Mid-Atlantic region may also take selected courses on site.

The training program focuses on the following core informatics topics:

Overview of public health and biomedical informatics
Health information systems design and development
Health information technology standards and systems interoperability
Systems evaluation and leadership in health sciences informatics
Population health informatics
Electives are available in: Knowledge Engineering and Decision Support; GIS; Real-Time Surveillance; and "eHealth and mHealth."

To complete the training, students will also undertake a “practicum,” working on a public health informatics project at an organization that they will identify in collaboration with Johns Hopkins faculty.

The program can be completed in 9 months, but students may take up to 24 months to complete the program.

On a competitive basis, $4,000 tuition subsidies are available to 5 individuals from a philanthropic contribution from the Lockheed Martin Corporation. We also encourage you to contact your employer about possible tuition reimbursement for this program.

Eligibility requirements for the certificate include either: 1) an earned graduate degree in public health; 2) current enrollment in a graduate public health degree program; or 3) a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 3 years of direct public health experience.

More information about the Public Health Informatics Certificate Training Program, including application forms and detailed instructions, can be found at:

If, after carefully reviewing the program web site, you have further questions, please contact Ms. Pamela Davis, the program coordinator at or 410-614-1580.

Joaquin Blaya, PhD Moderator Replied at 8:46 AM, 26 Mar 2013

You should look at this other post on GHDonline

which has a list of the health IT programs from one or two years ago.

Also, if you're in Santiago, feel free to contact me jblaya [at]
hms.harvard.edu and we could get together for coffee sometime.

Gerente de Desarrollo, eHealth Systems <http://www.ehs.cl/@@
Research Fellow, Escuela de Medicina de Harvard @@http://hms.harvard.edu/@@
Moderador, GHDOnline.org @@http://www.ghdonline.org/>

Pablo Olmos de Aguilera C. Replied at 11:50 AM, 3 Apr 2013

Thanks, and sorry the delay in answering :), I'm gonna look carefully
about the programs.

I'm totally in about the coffee ;)

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