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Your expert insights please! eHealth implementation in limited-resource settings

By Jennifer Sisto | 07 Jul, 2015

Hi there! I am conducting an assessment of eHealth Implementation in limited-resource settings per my work with UC Berkeley Center for Global Public Health and hoping to make connections in this group. Please let me know if you would have some time to chat about your experience, or would be interested in a study interview.

I want to focus on those who have either used, or guided implementers through, resources to guide design, requirements, launch, and operations of eHealth in limited-resource settings. The aim is to produce tools which can be tailored to promote consistent and equitable implementation results across settings.

I've gotten some great interviews so far, but want to broaden outreach for a more inclusive representation of the field. Any work in Latin America would be really fantastic to hear about, but interested in all perspectives! Thanks for your consideration. Please sign up here if interested: https://goo.gl/rtghJU, or send me an email:



Ntazana Sindano Replied at 9:55 AM, 8 Jul 2015

Hi Jennifer,
My name is Ntazana Sindano and I am with the Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ) where I work as a Data Manager.
A few years ago, I spearheaded the implementation of an eHealth system in the most rural parts of Lusaka through a project called Better Health Outcomes through Mentoring and Assessment (BHOMA) .

In this project, we had to find simple but efficient ways of collecting and transmitting data from over 300 Community Health Workers (CHWs) and 40 health facilities, some of which were located off the power grids and with no cellular network connectivity.

We managed to implement an integrated system that linked the CHWs simple Nokia mobile phones to the health facility system which was run on very low wattage touch screen terminals.

I am more than happy to participate in your study interview. You can get me at .

I wish you all the best!


Joris Van Dam Replied at 10:38 AM, 8 Jul 2015

BHOMA rules.

We used the same platform to launch a mobile patient register for rheumatic
heart disease in Lusaka, Zambia. Field workers using tablet devices to
create and enter case data (and in this case also add images from
echocardiographic screening),

Based on our experiences we wrote a paper on opportunity, utility and
challenges of implementing such advanced tools in resource limited settings
(where rheumatic heart disease is endemic). Can't share the paper yet
(because it's pending publication) but happy to talk over the phone.

Drop me a note at

Good luck on your project - I'ma staunch believer that eHealth is a key
enabler of improving Global Health,

Jennifer Sisto Replied at 12:54 PM, 8 Jul 2015

Thank you very much to this on the chain and those who have sent me emails!

I will be reaching out shortly to schedule our time to get your input.

I am excited to conduct the interviews, and will keep the community updated with my findings.

Again - anyone with contacts experienced in Latin America eHealth implementation very much also appreciated (bilingual research team in Spanish available!).

Joaquin Blaya, PhD Moderator Replied at 12:35 PM, 30 Jul 2015

Hi Jennifer,
We spoke last week, but I wanted to add this final report that we created for an IDRC funded project to do a Landscape Analysis of health IT in Latin America.
The objective of this project was to promote the better use of eHealth in the LAC region by providing information to decision makers about the opportunities and challenges of the use of eHealth within their national health priorities, as well as previous eHealth project implementations and their context. The four specific objectives were:
1. Create and validate a set of instruments for an eHealth situation analysis
2. Perform an in-depth description of key aspects of the situation of eHealth in 10 LAC countries
3. Collect and organize the specific needs of these countries to advance in an eHealth strategy and generate a report with a) the current situation and b) eHealth project opportunities
4. Develop and strengthen collaborations with other organizations through this research process for future initiatives

Attached resources:

Murali Ramachandran Replied at 7:27 PM, 30 Jul 2015

Good- Highlighted all issues.implementation needs country level prioritize and support

Jennifer Sisto Replied at 11:51 AM, 4 Aug 2015

Thank you for to Joaquin and others on this forum who have provided time and materials for the Needs Assessment. With a strong set of study interviews completed, I am moving into the analysis portion with a goal to get into Toolkit development shortly. Let me know if any others are interested in touching base on this work.

Getnet Bogale Fanta Replied at 12:07 PM, 4 Aug 2015

​Hi Jennifer, I am actively researching on the topic you have raised;
however, i am not currently involved in any eHealth implementation project.
Your study will be highly valuable for my further research; thus i am happy
to contribute in anyways possible if you need my inputs. I hope you will
share me the outcome of your study.

Binyam Tilahun Replied at 12:20 PM, 4 Aug 2015

​Dear Jennifer,

My recent publication on Antecendents of EMR success in low resource settings might give you insight for your study. Here is the link ​http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-6947/15/61.


Sandeep Saluja Replied at 5:23 PM, 4 Aug 2015

Let me know if you need clinical inputs

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