Amungwa Athanasius Nche


Amungwa Athanasius Nche
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12 Apr, 2011


i am Public Health Specialist presently doing PHD.PH and I obtained my basic Nursing Diploma in Cameroon in 1977 and worked for two years before proceeding to the higher personnel training school where I obtained a higher nursing diploma in anesthetic and intensive. After this I worked for two years before entering the Higher Nursing College in the University of Yaounde and came out with a BA Nursing. I obtained a MBA and later an MSc in Training and Leadership.
I entered the UN system as a United Nations Volunteer in 2005 and worked for six years in Cote d'Ivoire before moving to South Sudan to complete my assignment between 2012 and 2014.Presently I a freelance consultant in my own NGO called Sustainable Health and Development Effort -Africa Consulting

Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Behavioral Health Specialist, Counselor


  • United Nations Development Programme - UNDP

Work Location(s)

  • Sudan