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Reply to How To Shave $1 Trillion out of Health Care

March 23, 2014
@mighty casey - I think you had it right the first time, we value neither efficiency nor equity. We value minimal government interference (via regulation or provision of care) and, if you can afford it, convenience. And I mean convenience to mean both the type of care consumers want when ...

Reply to Academic Medical Centers and Population Health

March 13, 2014
My two cents: Most AMCs despite stated missions of education, research, and clinical care, most AMCs today are focused on: 1) Basic research 2) Clinical research 3) Hospital system growth So long as AMCs are dependent on fee-for-service medicine and research funding that is basic/clinical focused there is little incentive ...

Reply to Expert Panel: Opportunities for Impact - Community Health Workers in the United States, Dec 9 - 13

Dec. 13, 2013
Hi all, I realize that many topics have been discussed and I've been happily reading and seeing the desire to continue these and many more discussions regarding CHWs. Stepping back, I think we all recognize some sector-wide issues. I find the CHW sector as a whole to be under-funded, under-researched, ...

Reply to Regulation of genetic testing - the 23 and me story

Nov. 29, 2013
This shouldn't be that controversial to those who wants medicine to be based on evidence. The major rationale is that 23andMe has not yet demonstrated either: 1) diagnostic accuracy or 2) clinical utility. How is this testing any different than these executive health packages that offer many unindicated tests for ...

Reply to Electronic Medical Record for a Diabetes Clinic in Pakistan

July 28, 2013
Hi Imran, this sounds wonderful - you mentioned an mHealth component, will you be having CHWs or will their be mobile teams of professionals?

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