Andrew Kanter, MD MPH


Andrew Kanter, MD MPH
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02 Mar, 2010


Andrew Kanter is Director of Health Information Systems/Medical Informatics for the Millennium Villages Project (MVP) at the Earth Institute at Columbia University. Interested in application of ICT to health in the developing world, he has worked or traveled in more than 50 countries. Prior to joining Columbia, he spent 12 years with a private medical informatics company where he helped develop the Healthmatics EHR now being sold by Allscripts in addition to providing medical terminology and consulting services to other electronic medical record companies. He is currently appointed to Columbia University full-time in the Departments of Biomedical Informatics (College of Physicians & Surgeons) and Epidemiology (Mailman School of Public Health) while coordinating the development and implementation of the Millennium Global Village-Network (MGV-Net) for MVP. He directs the Columbia Global eHealth Program which brings together resources from the medical school, public health school and the Earth Institute for eHealth work around the world. His work focuses on bringing real-world solutions to resource-poor settings to help them achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Physician


  • Columbia University

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  • United States


  • English