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Reply to Help regarding Point of care devices for infectious and non infectious diseases

Jan. 23, 2018
Hi Purushottam, Molbio Diagnostics launched a such innovative product based on molecular diagnostics and really point of care.The device can be connect to any server by using WiFi/Enable sim card . Please refer the link below.

Reply to Diagnostic complication and laggings.

April 4, 2017
Dear Pratima, Adding to your discussion the diagnostics tools and intend intend they design they are having their advantages as well as their limitation.If a take example of immunological assay for detection of the disease the concern will start for their specificity , If we think a rapid diagnostics tools ...

Reply to Asymptomatic only at first sight: malaria infection among schoolchildren in highland Rwanda

April 4, 2017
Dear Dinesh The smear microscopy could not help much us to ruled out the infection with malaria and mostly are asymptomatic with malaria at early stage. Diagnosis with the advance technique like molecular diagnostics was always challenge for the resource limited country and developing country. The diagnostics tools with high ...

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