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Genetic control of malaria

June 23, 2017
What is gene drive and how this could be help in malaria vector control??? What should be considered before deploying gene drive for mosquito control?
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Reply to Pyrethroid Insecticides in Insecticide treated nets (ITNs) and the Risk of Cancer in Children

April 26, 2017
Le 24 avr. 2017 8:40 AM, Simon Onsongo via GHDonline <> a écrit : Simon Onsongo started a ( discussion in ( Malaria Treatment & Prevention: ( I came across this article in the local dailies in Kenya and found it rather confusing to the public. I think the article ...

Impact of control measures (LLINs and IRS) on mosquito behaviour

March 9, 2017
Hello many african countries use LLIN and IRS as core front in malaria control. these tools decresase significanltly the disease burden around the world. How and why malaria still persist where these tools are well implemented??? is it human or mosquito behaviour the real problem?
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Reply to Malaria Control using Eave tubes

Sept. 27, 2016
Thanks for this discussion in malaria fighting using eaves tube. Resume of discussion is important if the discussion is close

Reply to Malaria Control using Eave tubes

Sept. 12, 2016
Thanks Dr Sungano for the articles you share with me, it will be helpfull to me in my degree. In village where I am doing my research, house is co,structed xith mud and wood with an open eaves and this type of house is difficult for eaves tube installation. How ...

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