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Bonny is a writing specialist creating multimedia content answering the "so what"​ of data dumping. Digital communication requires a strong narrative "missing"​ in scientific or medical content downloads. US healthcare model transformation is complicated in a decentralized evolving framework of limited resources with fluctuating cost and outcomes. Are you developing medical content informed by expenditures and costs, market access barriers, consolidation of payers, integration of evidence-based medicine and health economics?

She is the author of "Improving Numeracy in Medicine", "Medical Writing for Smart People: Because Dummies Shouldn't Write About Medicine"​, 5 Sources for the RIght Healthcare Data​: Bigger isn't Always Better, and a collaborative writer on publications in medicine, health policy, and health economics.

Because of the popularity of her latest blog, Alzheimer's Disease: The Brand, she is a sought after speaker on Healthy Brain Aging, the economics of Alzheimer's Disease, how to determine value in medical outcomes, and the role of storytelling in medicine.

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