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Cameron  Wright
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30 May, 2013


I graduated from Curtin University, Perth, Australia in 2009 with a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons). My Honours project looked at protein mediated transport of antihistamines using cell monolayers. Following graduation I completed my pharmacist internship at Fremantle Hospital leading to registration in late 2010. During my internship I completed a project designing and implementing a patient information DVD on the drug warfarin, with the aim of increasing patient safety. I continued working as a pharmacist at Fremantle Hospital for another two years including work in; dispensing, sterile manufacturing, mental health, managing the drugs for the outpatient antibiotic therapy service for the hospital and delivering clinical pharmacy services on several surgical wards. In March 2013 I traveled to Mongolia to work as a public health project officer for the Mongolian Anti-Tuberculosis Association (монголын сүрьёэтэй тэмцэх нийгэмлэг). This is a 12 month volunteering role administered through the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development Program. My role in Mongolia includes training delivery, network building and enhancing the quality of tuberculosis treatment provided by a nationwide network of health-care volunteers.

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  • Pharmacy Professional


  • Independent (Contractor, Freelance, Consultant)

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  • Mongolia