Carrie Watters


Carrie Watters
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31 Jan, 2012


I'm an American social worker currently living in Amsterdam and assisting a Dutch NGO here called Women on Waves (

Women on Waves' primary mission is to assist women in attaining access to reproductive healthcare and education in countries where it is severely restricted. Along with offering training on basic reproductive health, preventative measures and family planning, Women on Waves (and our related NGO Women on Web) strives to provide access to and education about the safe use of misoprostol for preventing postpartum hemorrhage during childbirth and also for safe abortion.

I'm looking forward to learning from other professionals, and also hope to find some groups we can collaborate with in providing training, materials and support in this area. Most recently, we've begun exploring how best to provide training remotely on these matters (via Skype) so that we can safely train and support professionals in stressed settings who are struggling to meet the complex needs of the populations they serve.

I look forward to learning from all of you as well as hearing from anyone that may be interested in collaborating!


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  • Social Worker


  • Social Science & Medicine

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  • Netherlands


  • English