Christopher Gilpin, PhD, MPH


Christopher Gilpin, PhD, MPH
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03 Dec, 2010


Dr Christopher Gilpin has over twenty years experience as a Microbiology Laboratory Scientist managing diagnostic laboratories in Australia and the Middle-East. Chris completed studies in England for his doctorate in the molecular diagnosis and epidemiology of tuberculosis and was formerly Head of the TB Supranational Reference Laboratory in Brisbane, Australia. He has extensive experience in TB laboratory capacity strengthening and training in Africa, Asia and in the Pacific Islands. Chris holds a master of Public Health degree focused on tuberculosis and migration. He relocated to Geneva, Switzerland in 2007 to work as the Global Laboratory Manager for the International Organization for Migration and is currently employed by the World Health Organization as a Scientist in TB Diagnostics and Laboratory Strengthening Unit (TBL) of the StopTB Department. Chris is part of the team at WHO leading the roll-out of recently endorsed Xpert MTB/RIF assay.

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  • Laboratory Professional
  • Researcher


  • World Health Organization - WHO

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  • Switzerland