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Reply to Expert panel on MDR-TB/HIV coinfection

Dec. 17, 2015
very good subject. I would also like to talk about training projects for health workers on MDR and HIV. There is also another attractive point HIV IDUs and MDR TB many thanks Chryssoula

Reply to Cycloserine shenanigans

Sept. 22, 2015
I tottaly agree with you Dr Tierney. Society seems unable to defend herself in front of the big pharma. When it comes to Health and PUBLIC Health issues there should be a way to stop them. and in fact there is but the states, the politicians do not have the ...

Reply to Advocacy/raising awareness

Aug. 18, 2015
Dear colleagues this a really important issue as for TB there is not such a big interest in the Community as for HIV/AIDS. In GREECE in June ACT UP HELLAS, NGO working with HIV/AIDS, trafficking and Migration and due to the discussion on TB and detention centers organized a workshop ...

Reply to a clinical case

Aug. 18, 2015
dear all, this was a really interesting case. I would very much agree with Dr Nardell for the necessity of a place to discuss case studies so useful for all of us. I would also very much appreciate the Tostmann et al study if this is possible. many thanks C.Botsi, ...

Reply to Isoniazide preventive therapy IPT in HIV patients.

July 23, 2015
in Greece IPT preventive therapy for HIV patients is proposed for those with positive (> 5 mm) mantoux test or positive IGRAs and for those with a history of postive mantoux text who have not taken preventive therapy before. It is admininistered for 6 months

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