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It does not seem possible that I have been a nurse for 38yrs! My background includes hospital, homecare and rehabilitation nursing which have all provided a solid foundation for my current work in HIV. I started as a Research Nurse with the original AZT clinical trials and have been providing HIV clinical care, training and mentoring to nurses, physicians and members of the multidisiciplinary team for the last 24years.

Seven years ago, I joined I-TECH (.5FTE) providing training, mentoring and technical assistance to nurses in Ethiopia, South Africa, Malawi and Namibia as Nurse Advisor for I-TECH. I am also the Clinical Training Specialist at ID Care. We are a Local Performance Site for the NY/NJ AIDS Education and Training Centers (AETC. I provide training and mentoring to low and mid-level providers in Central New Jersey.

Currently, my work in Ethiopia is focused on providing TA to the Clinical team as we begin to transition our mentoring program to local sites and assisting the FMOH with evaluation of the National Nurse Standards implementation. Work will also continue providing TA to the Ethiopian Nurses Association for organizational capacity building and increasing membership in the regions.

Work in Malawi includes TA to the HIV Team as they develop a National Mentoring program and providing training and mentoring to pre-service faculty.

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  • Nurse Practitioner


  • International Training & Education Center on Health - I-TECH

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  • Ethiopia