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Debashish Naik
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03 Jul, 2013


Debashish has over 22 years of experience in Management Consulting, Global IT Delivery Services, Public Sector Reforms, Development Sectors, FMCG Manufacturing, and in Healthcare. He has worked in IBM, Wipro, Perot Systems, PWC, Hindustan Lever Ltd and a very short span in United Nations in various managerial and leadership role.

Debashish is the founder and principal consultant of “mevocon”, provides consulting services to both for “profit” and for “not for profit” organizations in service sectors as well as in manufacturing & in distribution using an integrated approach & framework combining the knowledge and philosophy of Theory of Constraints (TOC), and LEAN, with the Fundamental Management Principles. He develops and implements Performance Improvement Strategies to improve Client’s operation & business performance and to achieve higher Goal.

He focuses on Improving Flow, Reducing waste, exploiting constraints (where it matters most) and setting a continuous improvement in the system that results in achieving higher Goal. It aims at improving the bottom line by improving the supply chain performance (reduce lead time, improve in response time, improve availability, on-time delivery, increase customer satisfaction), reducing time to market for product & service development and in increasing service delivery effectiveness.
He focuses on:
• Understanding why the change is required and analyze the current reality, the ongoing problem (undesired effects) & the performance of the organization and find out the root/core problem (when the core problem is addressed it resolves many problems/symptoms)
• A holistic approach to performance improvement and Designing simple and practical solution
• Effective execution & change management to cause the change/to implement the solution for effective
• Post Graduate Diploma in Management (MBA), Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India, 1998-99
• Bachelor in Engineering, (Electronics & Communication) 1990
• “Managing Theory of Constraints Way” a ten months program from Goldratt School conducted at Tata Management Training Center in India from June 2010 to March 2011. TOCICO certified practitioner in Project Management and Supply Chain & Logistics
• Social Entrepreneurship Outlook Program from Center for Social Initiative and Management
• Strategic Change and Transformation, process and performance improvement,
• Developing and implementing performance improvement strategies with a focus on Theory of Constraints and Lean
• Program/project management, leading people to deliver higher result


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