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Reply to Project Spotlight: ORB & Open Deliver: Digital Educational Content for Health Workers and Communities July 25-29

July 26, 2016
Hi Mike, I am interested in this discussion from 2 different angles. Firstly, I am part of a charity called Peoples-uni ( that provide masters level courses on public health. We have a range of different learning models - self-directed OOCs through to asynchronous discussions and communities of practice. It ...

affordable elearning: public health modules delivered through peoples-uni

Sept. 19, 2012
Hi, I'm new to GHD. Afer reading the fantastic elearning panel discussion, I wanted to update people about e-learning through peoples-uni: The People's Open Access Education Initiative (Peoples-uni – is helping to build international Public Health capacity using Internet-based e-learning. ➢ Education is based on high quality materials published ...
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