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Reply to Upgrades at Eureka Health Services Ltd.

May 17, 2018
I think and always i am part of these group. BUT i am not receiving as i used to the communication. Is there anything that I have to do to contineou l receiving messages as before. Thanks for sharing and all that you do.

Reply to mentorship

March 27, 2018
Mentor ship is a key to services quality improvement. It is useful for onsite teaching and learning. it reinforces the theoretical session with direct observation on practical ground.

Reply to Peace Corps/Global Health Service Partnership - week 2

July 25, 2016
Good Luck my dear in your assignment. Hope you will exceed your expectation. Warmly, dehne Dehne Mengiste Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Tel. 251 0911 4023 22 “Truth never envelops itself in mystery,and the mystery in which it is at any time enveloped is the work of its antagonist, and never of ...

Reply to Specific Video Link on Midwifery Education in Nepal July 2016

July 25, 2016
Dear Joe and Ruth, Thank you both for your dedication and vast contribution to the public. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom and experiences. I would like to know more on social medicine. It is interesting. can i get some links or materials you are using. Stay Blessed, Dehne Mengiste ...

Reply to TB & HIV Program Delivery: GHDonline Member Interview

Sept. 3, 2015
Dear Alanna and the GHD online community, Thank you for this rich experience and wisdom Alanna. I commend your contribution to the human beings. I would also like to extend my gratitude for the community for all the knowledge and skills you are sharing . it is very important and ...

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"Saying 'bye for a little while"

Saying 'bye for a little while