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15 Sep, 2015


Farouk Umaru is a seasoned laboratory professional with more than 18 years of public health laboratory consulting in resource-limited countries. Over the years, Farouk has provided laboratory system strengthening consulting services to more than 10 countries in Africa and the Caribbean, as a PEPFAR implementing partner in global diagnostics system strengthening. Farouk has contributed to several interventions at the country and global levels including laboratory supply chain system development, forecast and quantification, sample referral network optimization, harmonization and standardization of diagnostic services, capacity building, Diagnostic Access Initiative, the 90-90-90, and the global HIV diagnostic forecasts. Farouk has provided consulting services to developing countries including Botswana, Cote D'Ivoire, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Namibia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Farouk likes sharing experiences with colleagues and stakeholders in the diagnostic world.

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  • Consultant
  • Laboratory Professional
  • Technical Specialist, Advisor


  • John Snow, Inc. - JSI

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  • United States


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