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Reply to Infection Control at community level

April 10, 2016
Dear colleagues, kindly find the link to some manuals, at least one addressing community setting

Reply to Up tick in cases cause concern

June 2, 2015
Without will to pursue this debate endlessly nor to point at a diplomatic middle way, I honestly believe we must recognize the truth is a combination of these various contributions: * recognition of the reality of the disease indeed took place, especially in Monrovia, by all levels of the society, ...


May 16, 2015
Useful feedback Gregory, in particular because it illustrates how programs do implement guidelines, for the sake of healthcare workers' protection. I hope we can read about NTP from less privileged countries, thinking particularly of Africa where HIV prevalence in staff is often high, higher than the general population sometimes. Also, ...

Better outcome of fit-test with "soft" than "semi-rigid" respirators

May 15, 2015
Dear community, interesting output from this study of fit-testing done in France (slides 20-22, easy to understand even if not at ease with French language) with different types of respirators. Conclusion is for a clearly better chance of fitness with soft-type like "duckbill" and "flexwing" types as compared to semi-rigid ...
Personal Respiratory Protection

Reply to Management of MDR TB contacts

May 14, 2015
Dear all, kindly find articles I wanted to share but which needed to be attached on the website. One is cited by Tom Yates, the other a review also written by the same very experienced crew. Enjoy the reading. Gaël

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