Grace Fletcher


Grace Fletcher
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01 Dec, 2015


I am the Editor of the Global Health Hub (, a website that connects global health practitioners to the information and research they need to do good work. We highlight interesting, interdisciplinary voices talking about ideas that make you think and question and want to try new things. We're always looking for original contributions, so please feel free to reach out!

I’m also a candidate for a dual MPH/MA degree in Global Health and Latin American Studies at Vanderbilt. I get excited about using social science and deep contextual knowledge to improve public health programs, especially for marginalized Latin American communities. I really enjoy project management, problem-solving and troubleshooting, setting up systems and organizations, and connecting research to implementation. I'm looking forward to building a partnership between GHDonline and the Global Health Hub.

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  • Editor (In-Chief, Associate, Contributing)


  • Global Health Hub

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  • United States


  • Spanish