Gustavo Rosell De Almeida


Gustavo Rosell De Almeida
Member since:
30 Jun, 2009


I am a medical doctor, master in Public Health with experience in management, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of Projects and Programs at international, national, regional and local level: National STD/HIV Program of the Peruvian Ministry of Health, The Horizontal Technical Cooperation Group of Latin American and Caribbean on HIV and AIDS (GCTH), Project of Reform and Modernization of the Health Sector - AMARES Project (European Community), Program of Alimentary Security Support – PASA (European Community), Project of training in Drug Users management - ECAD (COSUDE - Switzerland Cooperation), Health Reform Program - PARSALUD (World Bank, BID Bank), “Gas of Camisea Project” (BID Bank), Agreements Management Program - PAAG, Regional and Local Health Directions.

I have experience as a national consultant for the development of health systems and services: Ministry of Health, Projects supported with International Cooperation.

I work as a University professor propelling the principles of health as a human right. I also have experience as a health and social training coach.

I worked in diverse health issues in the Peruvian Highlands (Pasco, Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Andahuaylas, Junin) and Amazon jungle (Pasco, Cusco): Organization of the Health Networks, Model of Integral Health Care, Programs of health personnel training; supervision, monitoring and evaluation.

I have analysis abilities and capability to propose strategies and constructive measures, thanks to the academic formation as a Master in Public Health and Field Epidemiologist, as well as, for the work experience in the local level (medical doctor in native communities of the Peruvian jungle and highlands, chief of Micro-network and director of Health Networks), regional experience (as regional director of epidemiology, regional coordinator of the Community Participation Associations (ACLAS), general director of the Regional Hospital, regional director’s advisor, etc) and in national level (as policy maker and normative builder, consultant, supervisor and evaluator of projects).

Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Consultant
  • Epidemiologist
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Professional


  • Ministry of Health, Peru
  • Superintendencia Nacional de Salud

Work Location(s)

  • Peru


  • English
  • Spanish