Jason Lucey


Jason Lucey
Member since:
04 Nov, 2016


Board certified Family Nurse Practitioner since 2001. Assistant Professor at MGH Institute of Health Professions School of Nursing (primary care family NP students) since 2010. Clinical experience in ER/urgent care settings with an interest in the care of patients with substance use disorder. Volunteer service on New Hampshire OneVoice for Strafford County regional opioid task force since 2011. Presenter at regional annual summit since 2012 on topics related to opiates/heroin/harm reduction. Member of steering committee for SOS Recovery Community Organization. State-level NHNPA representative to commission to study syringe access legislation (Fall 2016).

Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Academic
  • Nurse Practitioner


  • MGH Institute of Health Professions School of Nursing

Work Location(s)

  • United States

Population(s) Served

  • Children
  • Disabled
  • Homeless
  • Immigrant
  • LGBT
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Minorities
  • Other vulnerable populations
  • Seniors
  • Uninsured


  • English
  • Spanish