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Jeannette Guarner
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Jeannette Guarner was brought up in Mexico City where she obtained her medical degree from LaSalle University. She did her anatomic and clinical pathology residency training at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Then she returned to Mexico City where she was the Director of the Clinical Laboratory at the National Cancer Institute. While in Mexico she implemented flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and numerous tumor markers in the laboratory at the National Cancer Institute and she had teaching responsibilities for the Clinical Chemistry Program at the National Autonomous University. In 1997 she returned to Atlanta and worked at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the Infectious Disease Pathology Branch. During her 10-year tenure at CDC she was involved in the histopathologic study of high profile outbreaks including the US anthrax bioterrorism attack, the introduction of West Nile virus to the Americas, and the discovery of SARS coronavirus. In 2007 she joined the faculty at Emory University. She is Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and is currently the Medical Director of the Clinical Laboratory at Emory University Hospital in Midtown. She teaches medical students, residents and fellows. She has developed a curriculum to teach laboratory medicine to clinicians and a web page where interactive cases that highlight laboratory principles can be found.

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  • Emory University School of Medicine

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