Jeannie Barbieri-Low


Jeannie Barbieri-Low
Member since:
31 Jul, 2013


Currently Development and Publishing Director for Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC), publishing the quarterly, peer-reviewed journal MEDICC Review, the only English-language journal bringing readers health and medicine from Cuba and other developing countries. Articles are free online, Open Access. MEDICC works to enhance cooperation among the US, Cuban and global health communities aimed at better health outcomes and equity. MEDICC produced the feature film ¡Salud! and supports research in Cuba by US health professionals, assists US students and graduates of Havana’s Latin American Medical School to return to US underserved communities, and organizes Community Partnerships for Health Equity to improve health care and access in US communities.

Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Editor (In-Chief, Associate, Contributing)


  • Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba - (MEDICC)

Work Location(s)

  • United States

Population(s) Served

  • Minorities
  • Other vulnerable populations