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Reply to India initiates process to develop national essential diagnostics list

March 15, 2018
Thanks Mahdu Jeff Baker JESA Consulting Mobile: +1.518.480.1676 Office: +1.518.633.4944<> [/Users/jeffjbaker04/Library/Containers/]

Reply to Help regarding Point of care devices for infectious and non infectious diseases

Jan. 24, 2018
Good day. I thought I would reach out on this as well. I am a consultant specializing in point of care diagnostics. I consult to many POC manufacturers as well as other stakeholders in this space and I would be pleased to speak with you about this topic,

Point of Care Dengue Diagnostics

Dec. 8, 2017
The state of the art with regards to point of care dengue diagnostics remains quite underwhelming. In my role as a consultant in point of care diagnostics, I routinely interact with diagnostics manufacturers who are quite interested in developing new, high performing diagnostics tools here, but are unsure what features ...
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