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Reply to Evidence based application of upper room UVGI under resource limited conditions

July 10, 2015
Thanks Dr. Nardell for this wonderful initiative. I will like to receive the papers.

Reply to Up grading of National tuberculosis refence laboratory roadmap

April 7, 2015
Dear Kedir, I am Joachim and had implemented the design and establishment of MDR-TB national rweference centers in Nigeria. I will like the following information to be able to provide for you the information you need. 1. What is your expected test spectrum: TB, MDR-TB or combination of both? 2. ...

Reply to Monitoring Infection Control status in MDR TB patients' household

July 23, 2014
Dear Soe Hutt, Please i will appreciate if you share the checklist with me also through thanks.

Reply to Developing Technologies for home-based infection control

July 15, 2014
Thanks Grigory for your elaboration and I will just wish to add that from a resource limited setting from which I operate it will be worth while to consider the age old roof ridge ventillation and wind turbine/ whirly bird as combined or alternate options. Minor modification in the design ...

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