John Kemboi


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14 May, 2012


John K. Kemboi is the Coordinator of the REACH informatics program. He is involved with the coordination of the REACH informatics short courses and the selection of the Health Informatics fellows. He has played a bigger role in his previous position as a Data Manager for the CDC RECORDS Study program responsible for the implementation of primary healthcare information system based on OpenMRS. Specifically he has been a key player in building the human capacity within the health care institutions through training users and working with the healthcare stakeholders in building EMR tools such as forms and reports. Currently he still plays the role of building the human capacity to meet the challenges of implementing and developing health informatics through coordination of short courses training and curriculum development. He has coordinated over 20 shortcourses training in Africa targeting Developers, Implementers, Data Manager, analysts, researchers and clinical managers.


Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Coordinator (Site, Program, Project)


  • Academic Model for Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS - AMPATH

Work Location(s)

  • Kenya