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Joris Van Dam
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10 Jun, 2015


I'm a computer scientist by training, spent 7 years in program management and consulting and the last 12 years in Pharma R&D, currently at Novartis in Cambridge MA. In my view / experience, our industry is particularly focused on "developing medicines that get approved" rather than "developing medicines that improve outcomes / provide value to patients", and the question of how to translate benefits from clinical research to patients and communities is too often an after thought.
With the shifting disease burden in LMICs, and the increased commitment of Pharmaceutical organisations to global access, I believe there is an important need to address the challenges of delivery at a much earlier stage in research, such as to ensure the benefits of novel treatments, diagnostic, medications will drive improved outcomes / value in the target populations. And at the same time, I also believe there is a unique opportunity to lead the way in terms of adopting innovative, lean, technology enabled delivery solutions, that will leapfrog some of the highly inefficient and unaffordable delivery models that have emerged in the west.
My current job at Novartis is to support our research studies in LMICs by including and building upon lean and innovative healthcare delivery models, and by contributing to the strengthening of those local delivery systems.
Prior to that I held a number of different roles at Novartis and at Johnson & Johnson, focusing mostly on technology innovation in clinical research. My prior experiences also include the design, development and roll out of a mobile health platform to increase outcomes of first line treatment of HIV patients across a number of regions in India, as well as a mobile health platform to support a research study and control program in Rheumatic Heart Disease in Lusaka, Zambia.


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  • Novartis

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