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Juliet Geiger
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02 Nov, 2011


My full-time job is Director of the Pa Trauma Systems Foundation. We are the accrediting body for trauma centers in Pennsylvania. My side "job" is supporting the efforts of the "We Care to Share" program that serves to improve the health of the people in Chantal Haiti. I participated in my first medical mission trip as a nurse with this group in March 2011 (although it was the 4th for the group as a whole since the earthquake) and am providing administrative support on a volunteer basis. (ie Blog development, team educational materials...) Mission trips so far have been approximately 1 week (4 days of which are dedicated clinic days)and are comprised of health care providers (nurses, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, PA's) and lay people. Team size has typically been 30-40 people during the latest trips. Education is currently done via materials posted on the We Care to Share blog and through email. During the last trip approximately 2500 people were seen including children in both Chantal and Canon Haiti. The group continues to provide for short-term needs but is looking to create a long-term solution in Chantal through the building of a hospital and permanent medical staff. It also needs a more organized approach to the training of its team members, and provision of patient teaching materials to the Haitian people.

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  • Haiti