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Kileken ole-MoiYoi
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29 Sep, 2008


Kileken ole-MoiYoi is the Head of the Novartis Africa Health Alliance (NAHA), a team focused on the nexus between corporate responsibility and business to enable long-term commercial growth while improving health outcomes in resource-limited settings. Mr. ole-MoiYoi manages the interlinkages between corporate responsibility and Novartis’ business strategy in Africa with NAHA also functioning as an incubator for programs dedicated to strengthening health systems and long-term business growth.

Prior to this role, Mr. ole-MoiYoi led capacity building efforts in the Novartis Malaria Initiative, working primarily with national malaria programs in malaria-endemic countries. He was responsible for forming key partnerships with governmental, multi-lateral, bilateral, and non-governmental organizations and was the research and development strategic marketing representative for Novartis’ antimalarial pipeline.

Before joining Novartis, he worked for the Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Business School, where he led health system research projects, wrote several case studies on malaria treatment and prevention, and founded the Malaria Treatment and Prevention Community on GHDonline.

He has also worked for TechnoServe in Kenya and for Community Centered Conservation in the Comoros, working with rural farmers and fishing communities on business solutions to rural poverty. While double majoring at Brown University (BA Political Economy of Development, BA Human Biology), he wrote an honors thesis on integrating principles of sustainable economic development with the fight against malaria, and co-founded EduVision, a Zurich-based e-learning company that digitized Ministry of Education-approved textbooks for use on tablets in rural settings in sub-Saharan Africa.

All contributions made by this author are his own and do not necessarily represent the views of his employer, Novartis.

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  • Manager (Site/Facility, Program, Project)
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  • Switzerland


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