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Reply to Engaging patients

June 11, 2013
Hi Amol, Trext is in it's first year, so we're still getting off the ground. We're in Beta testing, so we've had a few early adopters do pilot runs (texting about 130 people per pilot). So far, the response rates have been better than email. For mHealth applications in the ...

Reply to Engaging patients

June 11, 2013
Hi Dr. Blaya, Great video, seems like MiDoctor has the right multi-pronged approach (med reminders, appointment reminders, diabetes management and encouraging other healthy behaviors). Do you currently have the software developed? You might check out Trext. We can provide the SMS component, even connecting to your existing database. Trext has ...

Anyone can create SMS apps, even for non-smart phones

April 21, 2013
I'm a co-founder of Trext, we want to empower non-programers to deploy decision trees over text message. We envision clinicians and administrators making decision trees for community health workers. You can administer a patient survey, do surgical follow-up or even basic diagnostics. Visit our website: Contact for a ...
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