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Lydia Green
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Lydia Green is a pharmacist, blogger, clinical strategist, medical writer and researcher with 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing and advertising. Her core strength is understanding how clinical evidence and message framing can be used to accelerate adoption of clinical guidelines, best practices and promote behavior change in prescribers, patients and consumers. Since 2010, Ms. Green has been a research associate at Stanford School of Medicine. At Stanford, Lydia collaborates with physicians whose research focuses on optimizing care for those with chronic conditions, primary prevention, effective behavior change strategies, and novel approaches to closing the gap between evidence and practice.

While at Stanford, Lydia founded RxBalance (, a healthcare communications nonprofit that teams up medical experts with advertising professionals and medical writers to produce persuasive, memorable and evidence-based scientific content. RxBalance is currently developing content for an NIH Stanford study evaluating whether digital advertising-style messaging, delivered via patient portals, can influence medication-seeking behavior and improve clinical outcomes in patients with chronic disease. This study will assess the impact of healthcare content that targets the conscious and unconscious/affective processing systems of human cognition. Ms. Green is co-author of an article describing the NIH Stanford study “Learning from Marketing: Rapid Development of Medication Messages that Engage Patients” which was published in 2015 in Journal of Patient Education and Counseling,

In addition to her public health projects, Lydia has a communications consultancy providing medical marketing writing services to pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical diagnostic companies.

From 2000 to 2015, Ms. Green held various positions at Epocrates, a software company that provides accessible and reliable clinical information through the use of state-of-the art mobile technology. As Director of Sponsored Content, she advised pharmaceutical, biotech, specialty pharmacies, government agencies and health plans on how to effectively use mobile messaging to communicate with healthcare providers. As Director of Corporate Communications, she was responsible for development and implementation of marketing communication and media strategy, including branding, product and corporate marketing, and oversight for public-private partnerships with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, FDA MedWatch, Centers for Disease Control and American Medical Association. Prior to working at Epocrates, Lydia was Senior Vice President, Group Copy Chief, at a medical advertising agency in New York City.

Lydia has a B.S. in Pharmacy from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. She is also a member of the California Medicaid Work Group on Psychotropic Drug Use in Foster Youth and Stanford Cancer Center’s Transforming Palliative Care Committee.

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