Lynn Weekes


Lynn Weekes
Member since:
04 Jun, 2015


Lynn is an influential leader in the health sector with over 30 years experience of improving the use of medicines so that people achieve better health and economic outcomes. She has established, guided and sustained a national organization that helps reduce waste in the health system, while supporting innovation and development of evidence to improve the quality of care. She has the vision and the strategic drive to deliver results and create meaningful change.

Lynn is a passionate believer in the importance of consumers of healthcare as change agents for better health care and she has been very active in ensuring that consumers are truly at the centre of her company’s work. By focusing on the issues, the context and the facts, Lynn seeks to find solutions that work across constituencies and can be adopted on national and international scales.

Role(s) / Profession(s)

  • Manager (Site/Facility, Program, Project)


  • NPS MedicineWise

Work Location(s)

  • Australia