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Reply to Ebola Protection Fundraising For Nurses

Sept. 7, 2014
I omitted to extend my thanks to Nurses Round for bringing to the fore a call to support fundraising directly for nurses and their needs. Thank you for efforts at organizing us around this issue so close to the heart of the matter.

Reply to Ebola Protection Fundraising For Nurses

Sept. 7, 2014
Dear GHD and Nurses Round Colleagues, Many nurse colleagues have been looking for such an avenue: a way to raise funds and get resources that directly benefit nurses to the nurses affected regions. Are you suggesting that Nurses Round be a clearing house (dissemination, communication) for nursing or other philanthropic ...

Reply to Global health students seeking to speak with Global health nurses

Nov. 29, 2013
Dear GHD On-Line Colleagues, It is Thanksgiving time in U.S. and I must express my gratitude for the many and rapid responses from all of you to my students at University of Maryland School of Nursing. I am proud of my students for going the extra step to join GHD ...

Reply to Prenatal screening labs

Sept. 9, 2013
Hi, Brent, Please check out this resource (Montoya & Remington, 2008, p.561 ) : Hope it is useful. "APPROACH FOR PATIENTS WITH SUSPECTED OR DIAGNOSED T. GONDII INFECTION ACQUIRED DURING GESTATION" Once it has been established that serological test results are consistent with a recently acquired infection and that ...

Reply to PIH TB Seminar in Tomsk Russian Federation November 18-22 (Russian Speaking participants)

Aug. 23, 2013
Gini. Thank you for introducing me and the GHD network to Tatiana Fedotkina and her work with Tomsk TB Services. To your point (about the dominance of English in nursing networks), language barriers do keep many of us ignorant (& out of the loop) of such important people and their ...

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