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06 Nov, 2013


Real name: Casey Quinlan. Online, I'm Mighty Casey.

In an effort to recover from two decades in Hunter Thompson's "cheap plastic hallway" - network TV news, specifically - I hung out my shingle as a storyteller.

No, you won't see me at the local children's library. I throw too many f-bombs to be invited there. I use my skill as a speaker, writer, producer and erstwhile standup comic to drive change in healthcare and healthcare tech.

How good am I at talking? I talked my way out of police custody in Saudi Arabia. Not bad for a girl, right?

A professional rabble-rouser, I wrote a book about managing medical care, Cancer for Christmas: Making the Most of a Daunting Gift, that's fierce, funny, and became an Amazon best seller.

My purpose in life is to help transform healthcare into the patient-centered wellness machine it wants to be. Newest project is Patients for Clinical Research, dedicated to enabling Citizen Scientists (people commonly called patients) to create scientific research.

Let's roll, shall we?

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